I’m Back

Hi everyone!

Its been about six months since I have posted on here so I’m back finally and ready to consistently post!

A little updated, I moved out of my hometown about 45 minuets from where I live to attend college and live in the dorms, I barely made it out alive but all is well.

I hope to be able to go on a trip this year, I’m not positive but hopefully in the fall sometime.

I have some cool ideas and things I want to share with everyone so keep posted!

*Photo found on tumblr, owner unknown*

xoxo, Brooke



How I’ve Been Feeling Lately

I just wanted to touch on a subject that has been bugging me and it is College. I honestly wonder if I am alone in this, but it has literally sucked every ounce of energy I have from my body, it is craziness. I am stumped when it comes to me trying to pick my major and honestly I don’t want to because I have more than one thing I want to do, I know this sounds kind of funny but I feel like I don’t have enough time to pursue more that one thing in my lifetime. Stupid right? Does anyone else feel this way or just me? Also why is it so expensive?! Ahhh


What’s Up!

I was inspired to create a platform dedicated to my travel, makeup, fashion and overall random interests. I want to share my inspiration with others. This photograph is what started it all for me. It was taken in Cayucos, CA. I want to create a place where I can express myself. I am stoked to get started and see where this takes me!

Comment above so I can see what you have to say!

What inspires you?

In what ways do you express yourself?

xoxo Brooke