Get to know me!

If your reading this what’s up!

I suck at writing “biographies” so I hope I don’t ramble on and end up not getting my point across. I want to lay my mind out on this blog, it is like an open canvas for me to start creating. I like to post random crap like places I travel, my outfits, pictures I love and even some writing posts. This is my happy place, and I want no judgment. I welcome any of you beautiful people to follow! I want to inspire someone to create, because leaving your mark is a wonderful thing to do. Who knows maybe someone will stumble across this page one day and find something. I have only lived a short while but I feel like I have so much more to see and share so that is why I’m here. I may not know what I’m doing, what the hell I’m saying, or where I’m going in life but that’s the beauty of it! So welcome to my blog! 🙂



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